Anna went to a Diva birthday party last night and I jusy had to post pics of her.  It took forever to just curl the small amount of hair that I did–boy, does she have a lot of hair.  I think she looks great.  Don’t you just love her shoes.000_0124



and that means that Spring Break is almost over.  It has been a very busy week for me.  Today was Stamp Club at Deb’s House.  We made three great cards.  Then I went downtown and met my husband for lunch.  He took me to Molly Brannigan’s – the food was yummy.   Then I got to meet his co-workers.  They all seemed very nice.  He fits in good – if you know what I mean.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post the how to pics of the room divder this weekend – Jay said it was a weekend project so I’m going to hold him to that.  Below are pics of the fabric for the divider and the Decor Element from Stampin’ Up! that I applied to my cabinet (It was so easy.)

000_0113 000_0115

Here are some simple cards and projects that I have done the past day.

000_0116 000_01221


I’ve finished cleaning out the storage room in the basement.  I can open the door and walk in which is a huge improvement. Now the garage has a pile of garbage in it that we have to get rid of someway.  Why did I ever keep half of the stuff that I found in there??

Ben had a Court of Honor at Boy Scouts last night.  He was awarded his First Scout Class Badge of Rank.  Now its on to Star Scout–he needs to start on some more Merit Badges for this, as well as service hours and a position of leadership in the pack.  He has always said that he wanted to be an Eagle Scout from his first Cub Scout meeting.  He is well on his way there.

The Food Fair was at Anna’s school today and I went in to help out.  There is a different station for each food group which has small samples of a variety of foods in that group.  I helped out at the vegetable table and we gave out tomatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, and mashed sweet potatoes.  It was really surprising to me how many kids refused so many of the foods and how many had never tried what I consider basic veggies.  But I guess that’s why we do this every year.

So hopefully I will have some stamping to show you tomorrow.   Since my studio is almost done and the basement is clean–I should be feeling very creative.

I also need to plan a Girl Scout meeting and do some on line Girl Scout training.  Its a busy Spring Break Week for me.

I’m cleaning out the storage room in our basement and I’ve gotten about half of the junk pulled out and now I really just want to throw it all back in and just shut the door again but I won’t– Hopefully Jay will be home soon and will rescue me.  Anybody have any use for a ton of empty DVD cases or old VHS movies? If nobody sees me for a couple of hours, please come pull me out of the pile of stuff that must have fallen on top of me…

I’m still not done but its a good start.  I have some Decor Elements (vinyl accents meant for home decorating) coming from Stampin’ Up that need to get up on the walls and cabinet.  And I’m making a room divider (with PVC and fabric–I’ll post pics of how when its completed) for the other side of the room.  So we don’t have to look at all the kid mess while we’re stamping.  Also included are some recent cards I’ve made. Enjoy.






I know it has been a long, long time but I am going to try to post every week.  I’m now a Stampin’ Up! demo.  See the link at the left for my website.  I just love stamping and making beutiful projects out of Stampin’ Up!’s products.  I have been hard at work organizing and updating the basement now known as Studio JCB.  I’ll post pics soon–its not quite done yet.

Jay went to a Motley Crue concert tonight with a friend.  I hope he comes back with his hearing.  LOL.

Anna is playing at a neighbors house (I need to go get her soon)  and Ben is talking to his friends via the Xbox.


since I’ve written anything. I just thought you would like to know what the Braund’s have been up to lately.

First, Ben now has his Wii. Thanks to Dominic at Two Brothers Pizza next to Game Stop. It just goes to show you that my husband can talk to anyone and find a new best friend. We are now part of “the family.” If you want details just ask Jay.

Our church is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and having a lot of special events. We had a Sock Hop a couple of weeks ago and everyone had a blast. Anna and I even dressed the part. That same night Ben went to the Middle School Valentine’s Day Dance. I couldn’t believe the sweaty, stinky kids in the cafe when we picked him up.

Ben has been really sick this past week. He managed to get to school yesterday, only to have a snow day today. I guess making it to school one day this week wasn’t to bad. I finally got him on some antibiotics and he has perked up.

Enjoy the pics: