So, I needed a way to separate Studio JCB from the rest of the basement without major construction.  So the idea of a room divider was born.  My first thought was to buy shelving and then hinge them together.  Then I could decorate the shelves with Decor Elements and cards.  I went to Lowes and bought what I thought I needed and brought it home.  Jay took one look at the stuff and laughed at me.  He said it would be to heavy and would fall on someone’s head.  So after purusing the web, I came up with the plan to use PVC pipe and fabric.  It would be light enough that if it does fall on a head it wouldn’t do any damage.  So the next day we headed back to Lowes and returned the shelving and bought PVC pipe and fittings.


We used: 1″ diameter pipe (4 10′ long sections), 4 corner connectors, 4 end caps, 2 4-way connectors, and pvc cement.


My divider is 6’x6′ so we cut the top and side pieces at 6′.

The bottom has the legs so we cut 6  10″ pieces (2 for the ends and 4 for the legs) then attached the 4-way connectors and measured for the middle piece after putting it together.


After making sure everything was straight, all pieces except the top were cemented.

I bought fabric that coordinated with my newly made fabric bulletin boards and sewed a basic hem on three sides and a pocket on the top for the pipe to fit through.  I slid the fabric on and reattched the top pipe.   All done in just a couple of hours.  I think it turned out great.