and that means that Spring Break is almost over.  It has been a very busy week for me.  Today was Stamp Club at Deb’s House.  We made three great cards.  Then I went downtown and met my husband for lunch.  He took me to Molly Brannigan’s – the food was yummy.   Then I got to meet his co-workers.  They all seemed very nice.  He fits in good – if you know what I mean.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post the how to pics of the room divder this weekend – Jay said it was a weekend project so I’m going to hold him to that.  Below are pics of the fabric for the divider and the Decor Element from Stampin’ Up! that I applied to my cabinet (It was so easy.)

000_0113 000_0115

Here are some simple cards and projects that I have done the past day.

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