since I’ve written anything. I just thought you would like to know what the Braund’s have been up to lately.

First, Ben now has his Wii. Thanks to Dominic at Two Brothers Pizza next to Game Stop. It just goes to show you that my husband can talk to anyone and find a new best friend. We are now part of “the family.” If you want details just ask Jay.

Our church is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and having a lot of special events. We had a Sock Hop a couple of weeks ago and everyone had a blast. Anna and I even dressed the part. That same night Ben went to the Middle School Valentine’s Day Dance. I couldn’t believe the sweaty, stinky kids in the cafe when we picked him up.

Ben has been really sick this past week. He managed to get to school yesterday, only to have a snow day today. I guess making it to school one day this week wasn’t to bad. I finally got him on some antibiotics and he has perked up.

Enjoy the pics: