Jay and the kids had the day off in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day . And when I got home I saw the above–no kitchen sink faucet. We have had a slow leak under the sink forever and for what ever reason Jay decided to check it out today. What he found was not good–the whole floor of the cabinet under the sink was rotten and the whole faucet needed to be replaced. He started to pull the floor out and then after dinner we went to Lowes and bought a new faucet–He was able to install it in less than 15 minutes– I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner– now he also has to replace the cabinet floor.


See pretty new faucet!!!!! (See below for hole in cabinet floor–not pretty)


Jay also took Anna to get her haircut today. She wants to let it grow one length so she doesn’t have bangs anymore. She was a little disappointed when the hairstylist did slightly trim her bangs, but she does like it.