Well, I finally did it. I have been thinking about getting a blog for a while now. Today , I did it. I am going to use this blog to show off my creative projects and to keep in touch with family and friends.

This is my last few days off from work for the winter break so they are busy. I took the Christmas tree down today (YEAH!!!). I had promised my daughter I would leave it up for her birthday, which was yesterday. So today is house cleaning day. My husband needs to get the tree out of the house so I can vacuum.

I haven’t done much stamping because I have been getting ready for the Birthday Party this Friday. My now 6 year old daughter is having 5 friends spend the night. We are doing a full Webkinz theme. I have Webkinz games planned, like Dr. Quack’s Assiastant and Fence Painter. They even get to go shopping in the W Shop with Kinzcash. Hopefully everyone will have a blast. I’ll let you know.