January 2008

Anna is home sick today with a sore throat, headache, and stomach ache. So that means I am home also. But I think she picked a good day to be sick because the roads are horrible this am due to black ice. I had no idea until Jay called and said that he saw three accidents on his short drive to work. So Anna and I are going to have a cuddly day today. Hopefully the temp will come up quickly and the roads will thaw out.

Still, no Wii sightings for Ben. I am hoping that Jay will get lucky at GameStop this week. They said that they usually get some in around the middle of the week–I’ll remind him to check today, again.

Have a great Tuesday.


As you might have noticed I changed the look of my blog. I think I really like this one, although I may still change the header picture. Let me know what you think.


Jay and the kids had the day off in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day . And when I got home I saw the above–no kitchen sink faucet. We have had a slow leak under the sink forever and for what ever reason Jay decided to check it out today. What he found was not good–the whole floor of the cabinet under the sink was rotten and the whole faucet needed to be replaced. He started to pull the floor out and then after dinner we went to Lowes and bought a new faucet–He was able to install it in less than 15 minutes– I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner– now he also has to replace the cabinet floor.


See pretty new faucet!!!!! (See below for hole in cabinet floor–not pretty)


Jay also took Anna to get her haircut today. She wants to let it grow one length so she doesn’t have bangs anymore. She was a little disappointed when the hairstylist did slightly trim her bangs, but she does like it.


VSN is a great way to get stamping after a slump. Although I didn’t do every challenge, I did enough to get things going again. I also realized that my sense of style has evolved and I NEED NEW STAMPS. My SU Demo will be glad to hear that. So let me show you what I did:


Paper: dollar spot at Target; Accessories: some white twill ribbon; Stamps: Circle of Friendship (SU); Tools: scallop punch (SU), 1 3/8 & 1 1/4 circle punches (SU).

This is a yummy chocolate wrapper. Who wouldn’t love to get this treat.

Criss-Cross Card

Stamps: Season of Joy (SU), On the Spot (SU); Paper: Bordering Blue, So Saffron, DSP (all SU); Accersories: paper flowers, black ribbon (SU)

I really like this criss-cross card with the insert. It would make a great invitation.

Stamps: Season of Joy; Paper: Cameo Coral, So Saffron (all SU)

This is one of my two favorites from VSN. Isn’t it just a great Thinking of you card.


Stamps: Season of Joy; Paper: River Rock, Rose Red, So Saffron, Chocolate Chip;Other: Stickles

This one is other favorite. The flower just glitters and has that touch of bling that every girl needs.

I really need more stamps in the style of Season of Joy–This Christmas set can be used for so much more, but I just need more stamps.

Well, I finished my first week back to work after break. It is always hard the first week, but students weren’t back on campus so I did get a lot accomplished for the coming semester. Today was also the Annual Town Meeting. The college Pres and others on the President’s Staff talked about the state of the college. It is always good to know what is going on. It really gets me energized to hear how well the college is doing and all the great things that are going on.

Ben had a busy week at school. Two big projects: an autobiography and a project on the novel “Golden Goblet”. He also got back his research paper on Stars. He got a 99% and his teacher asked to keep it. When he is motivated, he does great.

Anna has been asking to eat Chinese food all week so I think we are going out to eat tonight. W also need to stop at GameStop and see if they have any Wii’s in stock. Ben has saved up enough money to buy one and he is going nuts looking all over for one.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be participating in Virtual Stamp Night (VSN). For those of you not familiar with this, it is a series of challenges posted on line that you need to complete in 45 minutes each. It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and get some stamping time in. For more info, check this out:


(you may need to copy and paste into your browser)

Have a great weekend. Hopefully, I will post some of my VSN creations later.

Well, we all survived the sleep over on Friday. I think the kids all had a great time. They loved earning the play money to buy things in the “W” Shop. They like watching Black Beauty and eating root beer floats and popcorn. Enjoy the pictures. Some are from her family party on the 8th (her real birthday) and some are from her party.


If you live anywhere in central PA, you must have heard of the Farm Show, and of course there is Farm Show food. I have to go a least once a year to get my potato donut fix. Well, I went today as a chaperone for the the 6th grade field trip. It was Ben and 5 other 6th graders. We had a blast. First we hit all the samples, then saw some of the animals (cute baby ducks), ate lunch (I got my potato donuts), then watched the team penning competition. Teaming penning is fun. It has three horse back riders who have to get 3 calves into a pen as quick as they can. Then home we went to crash. Hopefully I’ll get some stamping in tonight.

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